On vultures and initiative

Large groups of people sometimes behave very much like vultures. They idle about and wait, ignoring those who show initiative, mocking them. Meanwhile they loiter and loiter and wait and wait, conserving their precious time and energy.

Once an initiative proves to be succesful, they come into action.

Ignored until then, the initiative is suddenly the focal point of many, who want to be ‘a part of it’ and will use any means available to find themselves a place in the centre of it’s actions. They will demand influence on the initiative and claim part of it’s ownership.

This will increase tensions within the group, especially the person who started the initiative may start to feel very uneasy. He will drown in extra, mostly useless, work. It’s not easy, trying to contain a group of hungry vultures.

As soon as the initiative collapses under the weight of all the people it doesn’t need for it’s success, the vultures leave again. They climb back on their telegraph poles, waiting for the next opportunity.